Make Time for Success

Celebrating myself moving through procrastination with Dr. Christine Li

After listening to only a few episodes, I have changed how I show up for myself! I’m getting to know a healthier, happier, real, self by moving my “stuck, why bother, life is so very hard, if only I was a dog….a person not liking being human,” to moving my body, starting and finishing tasks, exercising, showing up for me! Just Me alone! Wow!
I’ve re-listened to episode 2 as you recommend and it’s like I fresh start each time. Identifying and relating my “stuck” self to procrastination has given the power back to me to choose to change. Change now, this minute.

Every episode and interview is packed full of helpful tools, experiences, knowledge, and wisdom.

Each week I can’t wait for the next episode!

Keep being You!

Sept. 3, 2022 by Stoezone on Apple Podcasts

Make Time for Success