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Annie Peguero

High Performance Mindset Coach

Annie Peguero is a High-Performance Mindset Coach who helps female entrepreneurs integrate spiritual development into their business so they can make more money online. She's a military spouse of a marine, a mom of girls. Annie teaches the skill of adventuring with self-doubt, asking yourself better questions to reveal your inner badass so you can serve and shine from your highest level.

Annie's 6-month group coaching program called SOL School for Entrepreneurs blends spiritual and business development together in a sisterhood collective. Listen to her podcast at Adventures with Annie Peguero and learn ways you can work with her at

Aug. 19, 2021

Breaking through Self-Doubt and the Fear of Rejection with Annie Pegu…

Moving beyond the stories we tell ourselves can help us not only understand and experience our emotions, but allows us to truly transform our mindset and outlook on life. Annie Peguero is my guest this week and she’s certainl...

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