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Incredible support and tools

Dr. Christine Li makes turning around procrastination so easy and simple. There are so many empowering tools and everything she and her guests share is also so relatable. Definitely spend time here and you will learn and grow!

Make time for Success!

Christine lays out the blueprint you need to be successful in any area of your life. Love the show!

Its going to be ok:)

Dr. Li and her guests bring clarity, foster peace, and point the way to productivity without making a mess of it all. Thank you for distilling your years of experience!

Amazing podcast! Thank you Dr. Christine!

Dr. Christine has so much knowledge on how to step out of your limiting beliefs, how to recognize the stories that may be holding you back, and how to break out of your habits to continue to grow as an individual. She is so caring and so inspirational. Thank you so much for an amazing podcast!

Celebrating myself moving through procrastination with Dr. Christine Li

After listening to only a few episodes, I have changed how I show up for myself! I’m getting to know a healthier, happier, real, self by moving my “stuck, why bother, life is so very hard, if only I was a dog….a person not liking being human,” to moving my body, starting and finishing tasks, exercising, showing up for me! Just Me alone! Wow! I’ve re-listened to episode 2 as you recommend and it’s like I fresh start each time. Identifying and relating my “stuck” self to procrastination has given the power back to me to choose to change. Change now, this minute. Every episode and interview is packed full of helpful tools, experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. Each week I can’t wait for the next episode! Keep being You!

Gotta love Christine!

I’ve learned that when Christine speaks, people should listen. 😁 So excited for this podcast so I can continue to learn from her!

Highly recommend if you want to transform your life to the better!

Christine is an amazing, knowledgeable women who's sharing her tips and tricks to make life just easier and more meaningful/successful

Most helpful podcast 🙏

Christine is so knowledgeable and the podcast provides practical information. I get so much from each episode, often listening several times. I love Christine’s voice and her fun and spunky personality.

Gem of a Podcast

I have gleaned so much from this podcast. There is such an array of topics and guests that add variety and value. Christine’s delivery is like a long slow rain of knowledge and strategies falling deeply and gently into the roots of our brains.

Just Gold!

I cannot reccommend this podcast enough. Dr. Christine Li has an ability to make this little shifts in your mindset that make such a big difference. My new podcast addiction for sure

Stop stressing!

Dr. Li is such a wealth of information and oftentimes I come away with actionable tools I can apply to my own life to reduce the stress!

Love it!

Christine is such an amazing woman and passionate about her topics! Love it

Casting your net

I love how Christine is able to find guests that are able to speak to such a broad array of guests that help the listener to understand the work of moving forward in whatever area their goals and dreams lay. Her guest Pamela Slim is able to help entrepreneurs understand their dream and help others along the way. If you are trying to get out of your own way, this is the podcast for you.

Great podcast

Thank you Christine for this podcast. Your variety of topics and guest are very interesting. Each one makes you want to keep hearing more and more. Thank you

Inspiring and Encouraging!

Christine Li brings the best of who we are and who we strive to be with her engaging conversations with passionate, enthusiastic guests. The red thread is we all struggle with something. Christine has a calm, warm way of normalizing those challenges and sharing ways to overcome them. She’s authentic, brave, and asks fantastic questions. You come away feeling inspired along with doable strategies for change. Always a delight to be on the listening end.

Real world wisdom for powerful women by powerful women

Dr. Christine Li and her guests always bring the perfect wisdom at the right time. Being in business and working may look glamorous and there are still many stressors- and this podcast is a go-to for me to help me stay motivated, soothe stress, and remember that I’m not alone.

Christine Li

This is a terrific podcast! Christine interviews interesting people who help with tips to apply to everyday life. The podcasts are not too long. Christine has such a positive attitude. Very enjoyable and helpful. 5 stars!

Tools to Change Your Life

If you are struggling with productivity challenges such as fear, self-doubt, distraction, procrastination and the like, then this podcast can change your life! I love Dr. Li’s combination of intellectual insight as a psychologist, but practical applications as a person. She also creates a compassionate, safe atmosphere where you don’t feel judgment or a come-on-and-do-better attitude. Her heart is to help you and this comes through. I love this about her. I have enjoyed the guests she interviews, and I like how she addresses all different aspects of overcoming negativity in your life. Her podcast, as well as her book, have been my go-to tools for understanding and encouragement in my personal battle with self-doubt and all its painful symptoms and obstacles. She is a tool-giver, and they are very thoughtful and well-informed tools. These tools can change your life if you put them to work. I know they have changed mine.

The Law of Attraction with Lauren L’amour

This podcast was just what I needed when I was in a funk. It gave me the actionable, sustainable tools to turn it around. Christine is a joy to listen to - she keeps you focused on what you can control - your thoughts and energy - a consistent theme throughout her podcast last and her teachings

Forward-Thinking and Intelligent

Dr. Li, an impressive psychotherapist in her own right, interviews a diverse group of interesting and very successful guests in a manner that is informative and inspiring. An enjoyable listen!

Practical and Fun

A great podcast that provides practical help and good humor.

Excellent content that adds value to your life!!

Love the interesting guests and the great questions that draw out powerful insights and ideas. I’ve learned something new from each episode. A must listen!!

I'm in love with this podcast!

Dr. Christine Li is so real, personable, and easy to listen too! I love her voice but more than that I love that she's teaching me how to overcome procrastination, not get in my own way, and put practical steps into my life that move me forward toward my goals! I look forward to each episode.

I just love Christine's passion and energy!

I just listened to the podcast all about having a healthy relationship with your work. I never really thought I had a problem with my relationship with my work, but I realized I so do! Christine's methods are easy to implement andl life-changing once you do. Thanks Christine!

Truly Inspiring

Once you tap into this podcast you will find yourself wanting not only to get to each and every episode as quickly as possible, but also to get moving on all the things you have been putting off. Dr. Li is engaging, insightful, supportive, open and incredibly accessible. Her expert guidance, and the exchanges she leads with her phenomenal guests, will motivate you to make the changes you know you want to make but have been avoiding. Her advice is clear and actionable. It’s been such a pleasure to discover this podcast and all the resources it makes available. Don’t hesitate — tune in!

Love this Podcast!!

This podcast is really wonderful! It’s filled with amazing insight and love. The people she interviews have such inspiring stories to help make you successful in whatever it is you want to achieve! Listen to this podcast! It may change your life!

Great podcast!!!

I’ve started following Dr. Li - Procrastination Coach on FB a few months back and I love her advice and approach on how to be more focus and self-discipline to end procrastination. I am excited to know she will continue sharing her expertise in this podcast. Her recent book, “5-Minute Exercises for Self-Discipline” is wonderful. Thanks Dr. Li! Looking forward to listening to many podcasts to come!

Make Time For Success

Awesome! Christine Li is inspirational. This podcast offers insightful and practical advice to help overcome procrastination

Very clear, concise, insightful and relatable advice

Dr. Christine Li Shares very clear. concise and insightful advice on causes of procrastination and ways to overcome them. Her advice is very actionable and gets directly to the point. The experts she invites on her podcast all teach you different skills to overcome procrastination and become successful and productive. I am eagerly looking forward to new episodes.


Christine is so knowledgeable! I love listening in every week and hearing all of her great advice. Everyone can benefit and learn something from Christine.