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Mindi Rosser helps B2B business owners, thought leaders, and subject matter experts to start having great conversations with their audience, prospects, and peers based on trust, authenticity, and consistency on LinkedIn. She's worked within the agency world, with startups, and then decided to branch out to work directly with business leaders on their social presence, building thought leadership, and working with them to fill their pipelines with ideal clients using LinkedIn. As an entrepreneur, she values freedom and coloring outside the lines. She loves building systems that work on LinkedIn and testing them to generate results for her corporate and entrepreneurial clients.

Jan. 12, 2023

"Just Hit Send": Expert Tips on How to Expand Your Career Network and…

Have you ever taken a big leap out of your own comfort zone? My special guest, Mindi Rosser, did just that when she was looking for a better job situation for herself. Tune in to hear why she created a …

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