May 19, 2022

[Meditation Inside] Turn Your Toxic Can-Do Attitude into Healthy Inspired Action with Sensei Victoria Whitfield

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Have you ever worked yourself to the point where you felt like you had really overdone things? Maybe even to the apex of landing yourself in hot water or even the hospital? If you are curious about whether your tendency to overwork or give too much of yourself is affecting you negatively, this episode is for you! My guest, Sensei Victoria Whitfield, shares a goosebump-inducing story about her own experience working herself into a dire situation, and then also shares how this event shaped her life and career. It was a major transition and we get to hear and, more importantly, learn from her journey. It's a fascinating story that involves her deep understanding of race, history, society, energy, and herself. I hope you enjoy this conversation and the powerful meditation inside. 

As the world's first Business Reiki Master (TM) and hostess of the 5-star rated Journeypreneur Podcast on iTunes, Sensei Victoria Whitfield helps empathic entrepreneurs and leaders stay grounded and clear as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of business development, by using the power of strategic meditation. Sensei Whitfield is a published author, a successful six-figure energy healer, and has toured the world showing heart-centered and growth-minded leaders how to get connected to their Natural Intuition and truly be #Visionary, so they can work less and increase their impact.

• [4:09] Victoria shares “For me, to be visionary has been a lifelong journey, something that brings me out of shell. So for me personally, I've been on a long journey, managing my own energy, right and being what's called an empath, which is energy sensitive and picking up on things that have been left unsaid.”
• [6:43] Victoria speaks of her upbringing by her black Christian Minister father and white  herbalist, nature queen mother… “the two of them really raised me on concepts like anything the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve like Napoleon Hill…”
• [7:07] Victoria shares a story about the day she realized she had a toxic “can do attitude.” 
• [34:08] “And for those of us who are called to contribute, right, and who are in servant leadership roles, the ability to pause powerfully is essential to being resilient and having the confidence that we're headed in the right direction.”

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Christine Li  0:01  
Welcome back to the Make Time for Success podcast. This is episode number 75. Have you ever worked yourself to the point where you felt like you had really overdone things? Maybe you even landed yourself in hot water or even the hospital. If you're curious if your tendency towards overworking or giving too much of yourself to help other people is affecting you negatively. This episode is for you. My guest, Sensei Victoria Whitfield, shares a goosebump inducing story about her own experience with working herself into a dire situation, and then also shares how this event shaped her life and career after that point. It was a major transition and we get to hear and learn from her journey. It's a fascinating story that involves her deep understanding of race, history, society, energy, and herself. I hope you enjoy this conversation and the powerful meditation. She takes us through at the end of the session, as well as the first business Reiki master and hostess of the five star rated journey printer podcast on iTunes. Since a Victoria Whitfield helps empathic entrepreneurs and leaders stay grounded and clear as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of business development by using the power of strategic meditation. Since a Whitfield is a published author, a successful six figure energy healer, and she has toured the world showing heart centered and growth minded leaders how to get connected to their natural intuition, and truly be visionary so that they can work less and increase their impact. It was such a pleasure getting to know Victoria, inside this episode. Let's go listen to the episode now.

Hi, I'm Dr. Christine Li, and I'm a psychologist and a procrastination coach. I've helped 1000s of people move past procrastination and overwhelm so they can begin working to their potential. In this podcast, you're going to learn a powerful strategies for getting your mind, body and energy to work together so that you can focus on what's really important and accomplish the goals you want to achieve. When you start living within your full power, you're going to see how being productive can be easy, and how you can create success on demand. Welcome to the make time for success podcast. 

Hi, everyone. Today I am extremely excited and intrigued to have Sensei Victoria Whitfield on the show with me today. I just met sensei Victoria five minutes ago. And we were paired together to be on this show. And we realize just five minutes ago that our energies really vibe. We are interested in very much similar topics. And I can't wait to meet you right now, since a Victoria and to have you showcase your brilliance on the show today. Welcome to the show.

Victoria Whitfield  3:19  
Oh my goodness, it is such a pleasure to get to be here, Christine, because there's no such thing as coincidence. I'm a firm believer that there's no such thing as coincidence that whatever, maybe divine timing or residence or law of attraction, right, would bring us together. And I'm just so happy to get to be here to contribute and send lots of love to your listeners.

Christine Li  3:46  
Okay, well, thank you. I already feel it. So we're gonna roll here today. I want to describe the visual of I'm seeing sensei Victoria now she's wearing beautiful earrings, a beautiful smile, and a cap that has the hashtag visionary on it. Could you use that word to kind of launch into a description of who you are and what you do? Yes, absolutely.

Victoria Whitfield  4:09  
Absolutely. For me, to be visionary has been a lifelong journey, something that brings me out of shell. So for me personally, I've been on a long journey, managing my own energy, right and being what's called an empath, which is energy sensitive and picking up on things that have been left unsaid. And what can happen along that road I found is that I'll tend to internalize or withhold asking for help many times. And that for me has been a big part of my own healing journey. And we can get into it in a little bit of like what exactly happened that like really caused me to go from working on myself to helping a others. But fast forward to now, receiving this word. Being visionary is about helping entrepreneurs and leaders really get out there and have positive effects, especially our sisters in business. And our sister community leaders are assisted sister team leaders, that we become visible, our feelings, our insights, our wisdom, allowing that to become visible so that we can have more positive impact in the world around us. And that's what it means to be visionary. How I do that is through leading meditations and integrating meditation into our lives, so that we show up in that more visible and positively impactful way.

Christine Li  5:51  
Okay, beautiful. Could you describe that earlier part of your journey? And what kinds of things happened to you to put you in this space?

Victoria Whitfield  6:02  
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So I am so grateful for my upbringing. I'm so grateful for my upbringing, I have two very passionate parents. One is a Baptist Christian minister and the others is an herbalist like she is. She's a brilliant like nature queen, my mother. And so the two of them were really raised me on concepts like anything the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve like Napoleon Hill, and you can do it right, that positive affirmation, my father is black, and my mother is white. So there was a lot of instilling in my family around having a strong mental attitude and being driven, showing your value not by the color of your skin, or by your gender. But instead showing your value by getting things done and contributing and taking care of the people around you. So that I just want to set the stage of like, it's beautiful and positive. And there's a turning point in my life where I discovered that you can have, I can have, not just a can do attitude. But I can also have a toxic, can do attitude. One day while I was at work, well, let me set the stage anytime I've ever worked for someone else. And it's been 12 years working for myself now at the filming recording of this podcast. But anytime I've ever worked for someone else, I'm driven, responsible, detail oriented high follow through trustworthy, always ended up second to the founder, key holder or manager etc. So this day that I'm about to describe is no different than that. So I was the center coordinator for a nonprofit, which means I'm the person with you know, eight arms, that takes care of everything. And I was the reception, I was the web developer, I was the phones goddess, I was the the house. And I'm like also the coordinator of all programming for the nonprofit they had programming for interfaith understanding and social justice. There's a nonprofit here in New Jersey, USA, which is where I'm based. And this day in particular, was not unlike any other day, except I missed a few windows of opportunity that I should have took and ended up getting me into the hospital. So I've had the this is the experience of working into the hospital, I had a window of opportunity to ask for help. Waiting, you know, the seven minutes for the founder to come back and help me open the windows on this beautiful hot summer New Jersey day. didn't wait those seven minutes, right? So I missed that window of opportunity to be patient. I had another window of opportunity to call up to me the groundskeeper and to ask for his help opening these original glass windows in this Victorian building where I was working, but I missed that opportunity didn't take that, that opportunity to ask for help. I even missed my window of opportunity to pivot two feet to the side and turn the air conditioner on so that I could wait. But instead, I missed that opportunity because I wanted to do things my way. My way so I missed the opportunity to be flexible. So this is going to be a little graphic and painful. I'll try to make it quick. But what happened was I had opened the window before. But for whatever reason when I juggled it and pushed it up this time, the weight broke and fell on my fingers. And so I was trapped in this window of opportunity. With irony here right down to the bone, like I physically couldn't get out. And as I was waiting, all I could do was watch the clock. And I was alone in the building, by the way, because I'm very trustworthy and take care of everything. But that came back to bite me.

And as I watched the clock seven home minutes past, and then finally, and I couldn't scream, because it was just like such a shocking feeling. The founder finally came back from just walking away, he was going for a walk on a beautiful day, freaks out banging on the window, oh my gosh. And as he's doing that, like he's in his 70s, he really shouldn't be exerting his body, I have a moment of clarity that changed my life. And it was this, I thought to myself, you know, if I don't come out of this, I won't get to see my nephew. I love my nephew. He's my favorite person. I'm coming out of this. And that awareness of I'm coming out of this, I get the chills hit me like a bolt of lightning, and I had an experience, what they call a gamma moment of doing something you really shouldn't be able to. So I pulled my hands out, fainted, put my glasses on the ground as I went unconscious. And so now I'm going to the hospital, but I'm fried. What pivoted things for me was first off the sound of Bob's voice, the founder, saying, put your feet on the ground, take a deep breath in, you're going into shock. I'm calling an ambulance, put your feet on the ground, take a deep breath in. And he kept giving me these cues that were calming as I was shaking. But it was an amazing experience. And he also started moving his hands in like kind of a weird or mysterious way over my fingers. Not until much later did I learn what he was doing was called Healing Touch, which is a form of energy therapy. And I could feel as if the pain was leaving my fingers as he was doing that. And he had taught meditation for 40 years before. He's just a really wonderful man. So that was the first thing of like, okay, meditation, this like mysterious energy stuff. First thing that shifted my state. And then as I'm being wheeled into the ambulance, once it came, my worst fear at the time was going to the hospital because I was working there as a safe, emotionally safe environment to work in. Because I had worked for really abusive bosses before. And it proved to be that but I had, I didn't have benefits. As I was being put on the ambulance, I was terrified. I, I knew just how much the hospital bill could costs. And to my surprise, this is the second thing that shifted my state that day. And it was as I was being put into the ambulance, from all around the campus, people started running up shouting one thing, and I have no idea why to this day, there is a she's gonna have to pay for that She better not have to pay for that. How much money does she need? How much money does she need? Does she need money? Or Is she alright? You better not have to pay for that I got 100. Or you let me know where to send blah, blah. But literally people running. I've never seen this since also, people don't usually run towards ambulances wanting to give money. But that was the other experience of that day of the lesson of the one thing I was the most afraid of was the bill from going to the hospital. But I learned that if you are visibly open to receiving unfortunately, this time it was by force, you will get even more than you could have ever possibly expected. In fact, the Campus Church did a capital campaign to raise a quarter million dollars overhaul the whole building that I was in, so that would never happen again. And it was on behalf of the love and the presence that I had given there. And so that was the turning point for me of all right, well, for one I want to work on this toxic can do attitude and me. That stops me from asking for help. And that makes me feel a sense of impatience. Or also causes me to silence myself and not see the resources that I have. Right the waiting for Bob calling to me right or trying to turn on the air conditioner. I went on that personal healing journey, but also exploring, there's more to my physical body than I've ever known before, right, this energy body, and what does that mean? And what was it about me, or about the situation that caused people to want to come together in a state of crisis and so I went on my own internal journey like exploring that and that brought me to this practice called Reiki, learning more about energy healing and our relationship with the world around us. The more that I practice Reiki, The more I started to attract conscious people into my life. And the more I was surprised that other people have this same toxic can do attitude. Or it's also known as being a workaholic, right? That there are more people who will push themselves to give, right? Especially our sisters, right? Women, especially will push ourselves to give without consciousness of how we are feeling or slowing down or taking our time or opening up to ask for help. And using the resources, there's like this push forward. And the more than I would do Reiki it, the more it opened up new possibilities where there's a different way to be. And so over time, the more I started sharing Reiki, I also noticed I was attracting a very specific kind of person. And it was people who were in who were service minded, or in leadership positions, business owners, or people who specifically had a commitment to serve others mothers, right? Community leaders kept coming for this energy clearing that I was practicing. And so that's where I really started to develop community around what is it about us as service minded leaders that can cause us to work ourselves into the hospital, right, or to put our health last. And that's what really gave birth to more of the movement that I've started around being visionary. And being conscious of this pattern in me or this pattern and us around overdoing it, and allowing our lives to be burnt out. And allowing it to be acceptable, that we're just constantly tired or getting hurt or not stopping unless something breaks, right, whether it's a bone breaking, like in like case, or if it's the finances, breaking the relationship breaking going until we are stopped, rather than having a more balanced state. And that's really what brought me here.

Christine Li  17:14  
Thank you for sharing this story, which is very powerful on a lot of different fronts, obviously, just imagining the weight of the crash, your shock, being healed on the spot like that, and the community response, and then the fact that it led to such a life transformation and opening up for you. Thankfully, it was a good outcome. I'm seeing you with beautiful use of your hands right now. Thank goodness, I'm reacting in so many different ways. So basically, the first point is I'm grateful that you are well, and that that was a very positive outcome for you in the end and for the university and the people around you, and the people that you've been able to help. I am very curious about the can do attitude. And its toxicity. My own theory, which I probably got from some book somewhere, was that some of us feel not worthy enough to reciprocate or do our share, or feel like we're good enough or at a standard enough so that the only option available is this over work this over involvement, this over expenditure of energy. So I came up with that idea a while ago, and it's stuck with me because I feel like why? Why is it so difficult to ask for help? What are your thoughts about that concept and other thoughts that you might be having?

Victoria Whitfield  18:52  
Yeah, oh my word. So this is Oh, juicy. I'm so happy rabbit. Oh, my gosh. So for me the first thing that drops in around where where's this toxic can do attitude coming from? For one I think of like, I think historically as well as socially like the the those things drop in for me, he's historically and socially. And I know for me personally, as a, what's a multiracial individual in America,

black and white. So there is an white, female and black male so the pain of the black male the pain of black men is something that I've inherited of like you don't ask for help because like the police will kill you hear kind of a thing. Or you're essentially seen as dangerous just because of who you are. On the so that's on the pain. have the black man. And the reason why I'm invoking that is not just to is not to blame racism or societal functions, but actually, my guides are telling me to say that there is the pain of the black man within all people, within you, within white men within others, there is the pain of being misunderstood and written off simply because of who and what you are, and then on the pain of the white, female in America. So the feminist movement, right to bring forward women's voices, and women's rights rights to earn the same amount like my mother is, is actually she has an IQ of over 160 extremely intelligent, and has had so many experiences of sex and gender based discrimination in the workplace, honeys, sweetie, baby infantilization of the woman, but then also coming from the older white money that expects you to act a certain way and only be quote, unquote, with your kind. And if you have different preferences, you are shamed and contained, right, and you're not allowed to have sexuality, you're not allowed to have beliefs that are different, different spiritual beliefs. So there is that there's this pain of the specifically the white woman experience, but within everyone within Indian men, that misunderstanding of being controlled and contained as a resource, rather than seen as an equal human being. Right. So these two historically looking at different forms of of pain and encoding that we receive in our socialization. Think of the message of my parents, if you prove your worth, right, getting to your point around worthiness, you prove your worth, not by your gender, not by the color of your skin, or your economic situation, but what you can contribute. And so there's this constant historic drive, to I got to prove my worth, right, I gotta show my ancestors, whether they're immigrants or whatever, I got to show my ancestors that things are better now because I have agency. So that like, oh, one hand, like I want to answer your question honoring, like, historically. But then I also look at now socially, like the influence, especially for me, as someone who's energy sensitive, the drive to get things done, or the drive to contribute is not just historic, but it's also a form of emotional self protection. It's a form of emotional self protection. An Empath is someone who picks up on other people's feelings. And women know that intuitively, because like, we have women's intuition, and we're just we're exceptional communicators. And being empathic is a form of advanced communication. When understood, when misunderstood, you're seen as an emotional sponge, like, Why do you take everything so seriously. It's no big deal, simmer down, pipe down, blah, blah, blah. So with that, if you are that kind of an energy sensitive person, right, so just assuming that we are, I know I am, there's this drive to make sure that all the people around you feel good, so that you can feel good. Like, there's this thing, I'll put it on me, there's this pattern in me, that says, if everyone around me doesn't feel loved and safe, I am not loved and safe. Now, there's good and bad in everything. Like there's beauty in that. Having that heart centered service mindset of like making sure that everyone around me feels absolutely bathed in love and safety and protection. You know, at the same time, the bigger the front, the bigger the back, as they say, in traditional Chinese medicine, so like the bigger the back of all right. Everyone else around me has to feel when do I get to be considered? Am I ever allowed to be prioritized? Or is my existence a function of others feelings? So that's what I would say.

Christine Li  24:43  
My reaction to that is when we land in the hospital, which I had not connected when you told your story, but that was, in some ways my own kind of major turning point when I worked myself. Well literally sick in graduate school, and just kept pushing through and kept pushing through, and ended up with walking pneumonia with several people telling me to get to the doctor and mine not even knowing how deep Lee ill I had gotten myself. So that was my reaction. Yeah, it's quite toxic. It's quite socially mediated, and oftentimes unrecognized by the people around us that there's this process going on. Inside, I'm just processing my own history along with you. And I'm looking at my notes about what you said about the black man and the white woman, and the dangers of being misunderstood. And the dangers of being controlled and contained, it's no wonder that we would turn to ourselves to stay safe and active at the same time that you you don't want to sacrifice your agency and your mobility and your power. But you also are believing that the only way you can secure that and have it work for you safely is to do it yourself.

Victoria Whitfield  26:16  
Yeah. 100% and that reframe seeing the wounds of our marginalized sisters and brothers and it's not just like, oh, white women are the only people who have been in black men are No, I'm talking about for those who are going through things that make us uncomfortable, like black women, right in corporate America and limited upward mobility because they're seen as threatening, or for our lateen x rayed sisters and brothers, their ability to have agency right or for Chinese descendant, individuals and Canada right into discrimination against that, to be able to see the wisdom that you're like, just like what you said, Christina, your story is my story. How is your story, my story? How is this person what they're going through my story as well, and how can and witnessing them, really witness myself so that I'm brought to the table without working myself into the hospital, right are working myself sick. My guides just said, there are enough mirrors to go around. There are enough mirrors to go around, you don't have to get hurt in order to see yourself. This is like a very little doll kind of thing to say. But to the sisters who are listening in and vibing. With us, there's this permission slip that I feel we are being called to write in this moment for ourselves of like, you know what, I am worthy, even when I'm not hurt, I am worthy. Even though I am not vulnerable at the moment, I can ask for help. without there being a disaster, right? These internal permission slips, because you had mentioned before we hit the recording or seen that like how you resonated with some of my message was around talking about exhaustion, and this lack of self permission slips and lack of creating an idea of one's worth as opposed to saying self worth. Like, I want to give more agency to it and more of like a crafting sense of creating an idea of one's worth that lack of that engagement with the process of crafting worth and the worth of oneself. I feel that and you tell me what you feel, I feel that really contributes to exhaustion and women that we're just not involved in the process of, for whatever reason, we're distracted. Thank you is the word I just heard. We're distracted from that process of writing out and crafting our own idea of our worth. Well, what do you feel?

Christine Li  29:19  
I feel like I've been in those kinds of conversations of late very recently, that it seems women are being encouraged to do this self care that's very invoke, which is a very good thing. But it's also I think, fairly recent thing to have such focus and that Historically and traditionally it has not been and that is where all the missteps and codependency and overwork and burnout and resentment and difficulty and stress. Kind of has so much To room to grow and scale because there isn't this return to the self that's allowed. And people feel like they don't have time for it, even if they want it, they feel like, well, my time is already taken. And there's a lot of there's a huge human cost and families society's bodies are suffering, because we're not taking the time with pleasure, and with permission and with freedom, at will to take care of ourselves. So here we are taking the time to put out these conversations to our friends, sisters and brothers, to take the time to attend to yourself because that is safety. But do it with the comfort of the people around you who are on the same kinds of journeys, who have things to share and can lend you their energy when you are feeling short on yours. I think that is the pleasure that I get from doing things like podcasting, and being a psychologist and teaching about beating procrastination because whatever lightning I can do for other people lightens mine, it just makes me feel better about life, and helps me to ease up on myself oftentimes. So that's my answer my long answer.

Victoria Whitfield  31:22  
Amen. You know, people do things because they feel like it. And the better you feel, the more you're able to do. And the more good things you're able to do. If you feel good, you have more access, you know, hello, blood and oxygen, you have more blood and oxygen flowing through your brain so that you can make more soul aligned, right or value based decisions. And so what matters most is how you feel because it drives what's the type of actions that we're taking, and lifting up the positive feeling right of our sisters and brothers around us as those that are listening in, right, as well as lifting up our own power of positive feeling or good feeling gives us the ability to see the forest for the trees. Rather than getting lost in old programming. Give give human machine give humans

Christine Li  32:25  
suffer. Yeah, let's not suffer anymore. I just feel like the weight and the suffering and the stress is too much. Even if it's supposed to be in there. It's just too much. It's just out of proportion. A lot of times right now we're recording during Omicron COVID times and really, these are the times to take every moment you can spare to tend to yourself to tend to your heart, tend to your spirit, tend to your mind, tend to your goals, tend to what's important to you meet new friends and put your crafted worth out there. Let let it shine, let people see who you are. Because that's also safety. It's not just doing it's also just showing, showing who you are and what you need. That's also a beautiful thing. Speaking of showing, would you mind doing a meditation or exercise with us to demonstrate the kinds of work that you do with your clients?

Victoria Whitfield  33:33  
Yeah, 100%. So I practice something called strategic meditation, and strategic meditation. This is also what I teach strategic meditations meditation done first and with intention. And so there's types of meditation that are like, alright, beam me up, Scotty, like I'm relaxed, or I'm asleep, or I'm like, traveling through the universe or, or with crystals and stuff. And I love all of them. I'm not saying that's wrong or bad or anything. And for those of us who are called to contribute, right, and who are in servant leadership roles, the ability to pause powerfully is essential to being resilient and having the confidence that we're headed in the right direction. And so with that in mind, I'd love to do a brief strategic meditation for helping find the right stream, the right stream, the right flow. So drawn your awareness to the source of all life, whatever that means to you. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, aligning with the source of all life perhaps it is high above or deep within drinking in your birth right Your connection to the source of all life breathing in. allowing that to spread throughout your brain your eyes, trickling down healing SOURCE LIGHT, aligning down your spine. oxygen flowing into your lungs, your heart source of all life into your intestines flowing throughout your arms and hands. receiving healing energy, your birthright, connection to the source of all life flowing into your pelvic floor, hips, buttocks, legs and thighs, your knees, calves, ankles and feet, every eyelash every hair infused and aligned with the source of all life and intending to be aligned. Calibrating your inner compass open and relaxed. Breathing into the areas of your body that may have tension filling them with more source, more life exhaling and releasing any tension tightness or non consensual containment, opening and relaxed releasing self sabotage releasing self silencing, releasing self shaming, like roots grounding into the earth, expressing and releasing excess energy connecting to the flow of life. Only just for now. open and relaxed. Or as we say in Reiki, if only just for today, siding to let go. Let go of judgment, let go of shame. Let go of pushing. Letting Go. What no longer serves if only just for now, letting go. of Lies, lies inherited, lies created lies told lies heard. Seeing lies, misalignment and inauthenticity, again through the roots of light that come out of you flowing into the earth to be re polarized energy is energy let it go and grow something new. Thank you and we release you. Deep breath in exhaling into blessings, exhaling into truths, inhaling that alignment, the source of all life, inhaling permission worth inhaling the word and down through the crown of your head and out through your hands and feet. And using the word and I love people myself. I give to my children and to myself. I value people and myself. I pour into others businesses and my own. I am healthy and happy receiving the word and breathing that in and

exhaling knowing that you are safe and affirming inwardly to your inner child, I am safe here. And so it is.

Christine Li  39:03  
Thank you so much. That was beautiful. I hope that our listeners enjoyed that experience as much as I did. I could hear your kindness in every word. So thank you, since a Victoria for showing us how powerful connecting the spirit, purpose, kindness and words can be even in a short space of time, and that we can have such power between ourselves. When we take the time and focus like this. It's was really a nice lesson and a great experience. Thank you so much.

Victoria Whitfield  39:41  
Pleasure truly.

Christine Li  39:44  
Could we now hear how to stay connected with you how to learn more from you. And what kind of people are you wishing to attract to your circle right now?

Victoria Whitfield  39:58  
Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. For that I received the Spirit of inclusion and celebration in in that ask, and that invitation. So, how to connect with me, you can find me at Victoria All the things are there. And especially for listening to a podcast, I recommend podcast listeners go to Victoria forward slash podcast, because there's goodies and freebies and meditations and wonderful resources to deepen your journey. And the types of people that I serve best are those who are visionary, like as you did that meditation, did images or ideas come up realizations, my, my role is to help keep that line of vision and truth clear and flowing, as well as helped clarify any decision making along the process following those insights, right, so that you can really meet the goals that are soul aligned. So for me, I connect with people who are here, and they're called to serve others, or are actively serving others, right in different leadership roles as entrepreneurs, leaders, parents, managers, but are forgetting to keep that connection to their own inner truth and worth. I really love to help people who are serving others know that they are so loved, and to feel it. So they take the right actions that preserve their health and well being. Yeah.

Christine Li  41:54  
Beautiful. Love it. Love it. I believe your podcast is called Journeypreneur.

Unknown Speaker  41:58  
Yeah. Journeypreneur podcast. Absolutely. So gosh, we have I don't I don't know at this point. Because you know, you know how it is we're always recording. I think we have at least over 170 episodes. So it's to share insights from my own journey of like how to really stay on the path to serving others in a soul aligned way that's the journey printer is an entrepreneur who is on this journey to making positive impact in the world and not giving up on the journey, as well as interviews so that others can share their insights. Sidenote, I would love to have you as a guest if you're open to it.

Christine Li  42:43  
I'm on the I'm game totally. It will be so much fun. And an honor. Thank you. Thank you. Well, Victoria, it is been beautiful getting to know you very powerful, very powerful work. Your roots are very powerful. Your branches are also very powerful. And I'm sure we're gonna help so many as you go forward. Thank you for sharing this time with me and with my listeners. Thanks for being on the show. Bye, everyone. We will see you next week. Thanks for being here on the Make Time for Success podcast. Take care. 

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As the world's first Business Reiki Master (TM) and hostess of the 5-star rated Journeypreneur Podcast on iTunes, Sensei Victoria Whitfield helps empathic entrepreneurs and leaders stay grounded and clear as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of business development, by using the power of strategic meditation. Sensei Whitfield is a published author, a successful six-figure energy healer, and has toured the world showing heart-centered and growth-minded leaders how to get connected to their Natural Intuition and truly be #Visionary, so they can work less and increase their impact.