Episode #91 - The Secret to Working with Your Brain for Successful Weight Loss & Weight Management

Do you have a bad habit you would like to overcome once and for all? I believe most people have had the experience of struggling to change habits in some shape or form. My special guest today, Rita Black, is sharing how to reframe your relationship to your undesired habit so your brain can harness the power of the subconscious to shift past belief and habit barriers to create powerful breakthroughs that last.

Rita Black is an author, speaker and the director of Shift Hypnosis in Los Angeles. She is an expert in the psychology of weight management, the author of the bestselling book: From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlock Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss. Before Rita was a hypnotherapist, she was a client, using hypnosis to stop a pack-and-a-half a day smoking habit and “release” 40 pounds. It is her passion to help you with your own transformation.

• [3:34] Rita discusses her first hypnosis experience and remembers saying: “I don't want anybody to get in my mind… I'm a type A personality and nobody can get my mind.”
• [6:21] “It helped me change my identity and helped me change my beliefs and habits around food…”
• [9:19] “I think when we go through a shift, like an identity change, and we start taking back those parts of our lives we gave away to that other thing. We just can see how powerful our mind is.”
• [15:02] Rita talks about our brains being like a computer: “it's taking in so many bits, millions and millions of bits of information every second, and it needs a sorting device to sort of say, pay attention to this, don't pay attention, that is nonsense.”

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