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Dec. 8, 2022

How to Quit Perfectionism and People Pleasing Quickly

In today's solo podcast episode, I am sharing how to increase your natural flow by letting go of your need for perfectionism and any people pleasing tendencies. Listen in as I explain how these interconnected topics have an e...

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Nov. 3, 2022

Get Rid of Self-Doubt and Find True Self-Confidence with Alex Navas

Do you have a tendency to put yourself down or to see yourself as not being quite good enough for what you want to do? My special guest, Alex Navas, is going to fix all of that! In this episode, …

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Aug. 4, 2022

The Heroine's Journey: Women's Development, Work, Leadership and a Vi…

In this episode, my special guest Eleanor Beaton and I discuss issues of gender, culture, race, myth, and history and how each of these factors tend to help shape our personal adult identities. Tune in to hear several wonderf...

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May 5, 2022

"10 Seconds of Courage": Turn Self-Doubt into Success with Jen Casey

Have you been wondering how you might break free from the beliefs that cause you to doubt yourself? How would you like to open up your natural channels of expression so you can access your most powerful voice and unlock …

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