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Alex Navas

Alex Navas is a coffee loving, family focused, marketing and business growth strategist for 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs.

Alex is also the founder of Fampreneur™, a movement that equips and empowers family-focused entrepreneurs to grow wildly successful businesses while having a thriving family life.

After building 2 successful mortgage companies, losing it all and rebuilding a consulting business of his dreams, Alex focuses on helping experts and thought leaders how to build profitable and purposeful online businesses they love.

His results driven approach combines mindset, marketing, and monetization strategies to amplify his clients results quickly and with more ease so they can win back their time to do what drives them.

Nov. 3, 2022

Get Rid of Self-Doubt and Find True Self-Confidence with Alex Navas

Do you have a tendency to put yourself down or to see yourself as not being quite good enough for what you want to do? My special…

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