ALoN David

90X® Founder and Goal Setting Expert

Goal setting expert, entrepreneur, and 90X® Founder & CEO, ALoN, has created multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses from nothing.

In 2017, after multiple hugely successful businesses, he decided to finally launch 90X®. He built the 90X® Planner System because that was the system he used to build his other businesses, and was tired of never having everything organized and in one place.

He took all of his experience, knowledge, creativity and molded it into one minimalistic goal planner to help people reach their goals in 90 days - and 90X® was born!

90X® started as a product company selling one planner (with 2 color options). Fast forward to today: 90X® is a coaching company that happens to sell multiple 90 day planners!

90X®'s mission is to help people reach their goals - whether you be an entrepreneur, unemployed, employed, or a stay-at-home-parent. We believe everyone can achieve their goals in 90 days - with the right system.

July 29, 2021

The Ultimate List of Goal-Setting Strategies with ALoN David

If you have an idea that’s worth going after, commit to it. If not, move on. This is the basic goal philosophy of my guest this w…

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