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Daisy Bravo

CEO / Founder / Author / Podcast Host

Daisy Bravo is the founder of Strong Moms Fitness. For over 20 years she has dedicated her life to helping women reach their health and fitness goals.

Daisy understands the frustration and fears during pregnancy and the concerns of being a new mom. In her fitness coaching business, Daisy has helped many women prepare for birth safely; Daisy uses corrective exercise to help rehabilitate and bring women back to sports post-pregnancy as well. Her approach to health and fitness includes butt-kicking exercise, education, motivation, and body image work. If you are looking for functional, fun, and challenging pre- & post-natal workouts Daisy is your girl!

Nov. 18, 2021

How to Be a Strong Mom Inside and Out with Daisy Bravo

As women, we are oftentimes concerned with issues of health and being at our best. That’s why I brought in an expert who really k…

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