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Donne Davis is the founder of the GaGa Sisterhood, an international membership organization for enthusiastic grandmas to connect, grow, learn and share. She founded the organization in 2003 after witnessing the birth of her first granddaughter and going completely “gaga.” When she came back down to earth, she realized she was not the first grandma to feel this way. Or the first grandma to be challenged by today’s new parenting methods.
In December 2003, she hosted the first meeting of the GaGa Sisterhood with 15 other grandmas and explored what it means to be a modern grandma. They’ve continued to meet for the past 18 years. Her mission is to inspire grandmas to keep growing along with their children and grandchildren and to foster understanding between the generations.
Donne hosts a monthly speaker series on Zoom for grandmas from all over the U.S.
After eighteen years of listening to grandmas share their stories, Donne’s come to better understand the many challenges grandmas face. There’s a new dynamic that develops with their adult children and it can often get tricky to navigate this unfamiliar territory and relinquish control. She coaches grandmas on how to build mutual respect, trust, and empathy with the parents of their grandchildren so that they can be a unified team in raising the next generation.
Donne is the author of "When Being a Grandma Isn’t So Grand: 4 Keys to L.O.V.E. Your Grandchild’s Parents" — a practical guide for handling the most common grandparenting challenges. The book is available on Amazon.
She writes and speaks about her experiences and observations of grandparenting on her award-winning blog at, in her monthly newsletter, and to community organizations.

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