Jacqueline Steudler

Art Therapist and Grief Coach

Jacqueline Steudler is an Art Therapist and Grief Coach. Since her mother's death in 2013, she focuses on helping women navigate the sometimes overwhelming feelings of grief by using her knowledge as an art therapist and training in grief recovery.

She helps grieving women navigate their healing journey without leaving their loved one who has died behind by using art-making, mindfulness, and humour.
Art-making is a tool that helps her clients find new expressions of their feelings when words are missing. The Healing For Grieving hearts program is carefully designed to help the bereaved lift the layers of grief, uncover their inner resources, and find new meaning in life.

In April 2020, she released her first ebook ‘From Grieving to Grateful: Heal Your Broken Heart’ which became a number one bestseller on AmazonKindle in Canada.

April 15, 2021

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