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James Wedmore

For 10 years, James Wedmore taught entrepreneurs and online business owners how to leverage the power of online video and YouTube marketing to reach more people, share their message and convert more customers. In 2016, James made a massive shift to focus on a big gap missing in the marketplace: the mindset needed for entrepreneurship. He launched a totally woo-woo podcast, the Mind Your Business Podcast and his signature program, Business By Design. Today he helps coaches, experts, content creators, and authors not only to craft better marketing messages but also how to ditch the “hustle” mentality and create success from the inside out.

April 7, 2022

How to Run Your Online Business Like an 8-Figure Entrepreneur with Ja…

What does it take to build a successful business? You’re going to find out all the details from my special guest today, who happe…

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