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Kate Dramis

Copywriter & Messaging Coach

Kate is a copywriter and messaging coach who is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs find their voice, share their voice, and own their voice in the online space.

She has written copy for multi-6 and 7-figure launches, helping some of the top thought leaders in the online space connect, grow, and convert their audience through engaging messaging and copy. She has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to create authentic, engaging copy that grows their income and impact without having to sacrifice what makes them unique.

Kate is also the founder of Copy That Converts, her signature copywriting program, and the host of Amplified AF, a weekly Facebook Live show that helps entrepreneurs own their voice in the online space.

July 15, 2021

The Power of Showing Up Confidently with Your Unique Voice and Messag…

Why does showing up online cause many of us to feel afraid? Why does “showing up” seem so scary? It's vulnerability. It’s the fea…

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