Renae Fieck

Occupational Therapist and Mom Advocate

Renae is a mom of 3, occupational therapist, and advocate for moms who desire more grace, space, and rest within their lives. She has found strength beyond her own to navigate life's struggles...multiple miscarriages, life with 3 kids, working mom life, stay at home mom life, and a husband with a brain tumor and seizures. She’s the founder of the Rising Moms Club, a community for moms who are ready to RISE ABOVE the chaos and overwhelm of life and busy days, trade exhaustion and the never ending to do list for a life with more JOY! She is the host of the More than Mom Summit, The Great Clutter Clear Out Challenge, and the host of Rising Moms Podcast.

July 22, 2021

Let's Rise Above the Chaos and Clutter with Renae Fieck

Giving yourself a break is much easier said than done. When balancing a family, a full-time job, and your personal time, it can f…

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