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Wendy Batten

Wendy Batten is an in demand business coach and mentor obsessed with helping independent shop owners and passionate heart centred entrepreneurs who are ready to see more abundance and ease from their businesses.

Self employed for the last decade, she understands what its like to be in the trenches! Along the way, she's learned success isn’t linear. She’s helped hundreds of heart based business owners — with intentional business planning, feel good marketing strategies, and supports them as they step into their role as the CEO of their beautiful business.

Wendy is the founder of the Retailer’s Inner Circle, host of the popular Creative Shop Talk podcast, offers programs and services to support heart centred business owners, and lights up when seeing her clients gain more confidence and profits. For fun, she also runs a creative lifestyle blog dedicated to living life on purpose.

Wendy, a passionate dreamer and doer, lives in a tiny cottage by the sea with her photographer husband, in a tiny colourful and historic UNESCO world heritage fishing village. When not coaching and teaching - you’ll find her travelling, or maybe just sitting on the deck watching boats bob.

Dec. 15, 2022

"Why Not Us?" How to Reach Your Goals and Fulfill Your Passion with W…

If you have oodles of ideas swirling around in your brain but feel like you might need some direction to put those thoughts in motion, you're going to love this episode with my special guest, Wendy Batten. Wendy is funny. …

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