Dec. 15, 2022

"Why Not Us?" How to Reach Your Goals and Fulfill Your Passion with Wendy Batten

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If you have oodles of ideas swirling around in your brain but feel like you might need some direction to put those thoughts in motion, you're going to love this episode with my special guest, Wendy Batten. Wendy is funny. She's delightful. She's self-effacing. She is great! She's a remarkable role model for me, and I think she will be for you as well. Listen in as Wendy shares her essence of being a dreamer, how she faced innumerable scary ledges but ultimately trusted the jump and the incredible world that opened up when she put herself out there!

Wendy Batten is an in demand business coach and mentor obsessed with helping independent shop owners and passionate heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to see more abundance and ease from their businesses. Self employed for the last decade, she understands what it's like to be in the trenches! Along the way, she's learned success isn’t linear. She’s helped hundreds of heart based business owners with intentional business planning, feel good marketing strategies, and supports them as they step into their role as the CEO of their beautiful business. 

• [7:16] “That's who the little guys are… The backbone of our economy. And I believe that to my core. That whole shop local - that means a lot”.
• [12:31] Wendy asked herself: “How can I help people on that side of my business and help them in… not just one to one, and here and there and piecemealing? And how can I make this part of my business model?”
• [14:12] “Risk is hard. It's hard to quantify.” Wendy explains that she doesn’t have a philosophy and nothing happened to her or for her by planning it.• [16:00] Wendy shares that it’s not an easy path and you have to do it scared… Nothing she has done has been easy… but you do it anyway.

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Christine Li  0:01  
Welcome back to the Make Time for Success podcast. This is episode number 105. If you've got lots of ideas cooking in your brain, but you feel like you might need some direction as to how to make those plans actually happen. You're going to love this episode with my special guest, Wendy Batten. I noticed when I was reviewing this recording, that I was laughing throughout the episode, and there's a really good reason why Wendy is funny. She's delightful. She's self effacing. And she's great. She's a great role model for me, and I think she will be for you as well. She's also incredibly enterprising, incredibly bold, and she knows how to live life on her own terms. And that's why she's a role model. To me. Wendy is an in demand business coach and mentor who has helped hundreds of independent shop owners and entrepreneurs with their business planning and marketing strategies, so they can step into their role as the CEO of their beautiful businesses. Wendy is the founder of the retailer's inner circle, host of the popular creative Shop Talk podcast, and she offers programs and services to support heart centered business owners, so that they can gain more confidence and more profits. Wendy is a passionate dreamer and doer and she lives in a tiny cottage by the sea with her photographer husband in a tiny, colorful and historic UNESCO World Heritage fishing village. She's a woman of many talents, and you're gonna learn a lot from her. today. Let's go listen to this episode together now.

Hi, I'm Dr. Christine Li, and I'm a psychologist and a procrastination coach. I've helped 1000s of people move past procrastination and overwhelm so they can begin working to their potential. In this podcast, you're going to learn a powerful strategies for getting your mind, body and energy to work together so that you can focus on what's really important and accomplish the goals you want to achieve. When you start living within your full power, you're going to see how being productive can be easy, and how you can create success on demand. 

Welcome to the Make Time for Success podcast. Hi, my dear listeners. It's Dr. Christine Li. Again, thank you for being here with us today. I am joined by my amazing friends, colleague, co-podcaster host in the universe co-entrepreneur, her name is Wendy Batten, and I can't wait for you to get to know this beautiful woman. Wendy, thank you for being here. Welcome to the show.

Wendy Batten  2:54  
Oh, thank you. That was such a lovely introduction. It's my pleasure to be here.

Christine Li  2:59  
It's the woman, thank you so much for being here. I'm so excited about this conversation. We've been planning it for a while. But we've also left the topics kind of open ended because I know we have a lot of things in common. And I know Wendy has so much to share in terms of just wisdom from a coach. She's a business coach and business mentor. So why don't we start with that? Can you describe to our audience what you'd like to do professionally?

Wendy Batten  3:26  
Well, at this time, professionally, thank you. You know, business is always evolving. But I am a retail coach and mentor, which sounds so fancy. But really I help the little guys grow their businesses, because I was wanting didn't have a coach or the right information available to me. So I work with brick and mortar, mostly, the little guys helping them grow their business and put their CEO hat on and expand. But I work with a lot of specialty retailers. That's probably my biggest gig. But I also run a creative lifestyle blog, which I don't even know if you know that so much, Christine, and well too, and that's amped up as well, too. We revamped that's where I sort of started. And I've worked with a lot of different people helping them do different things as a trusted business adviser. That's where I am.

Christine Li  4:17  
Okay, beautiful. So when you say little, what do you mean by that? Is there some sort of requirement or some sort of vibe that they have in their business that makes them connect with you?

Wendy Batten  4:29  
I'm not sure about you know, I hate using the little guys but I guess I'm the champion for I am a champion for the self employed, you know, their board, their board of directors are usually sitting at their kitchen table. It's not like you know, and they've been doing all the things and wearing all the hats and they had a beautiful dream and creative idea and open beautiful businesses. This is my my hearts base, I guess and realize that there's a lot of stuff involved. in running a business and not just you know, the front of house, let's say, you know, the inventory and the management, I can merchandise it, and I can sell it and I'm really good with customer service. But there's the no person in the back room that you know, the CEO that needs to be, you know, consulted the numbers, the marketing around it, you know, all of those hard unsexy things that we don't always want to do, and or that we don't maybe know, are necessary. So the little guy when I say the little guy, it's usually independent, you know, brick and mortar, who have passion and heart centered for what they do.

Christine Li  5:38  
Okay? Can you give us multiple examples, please, of the different kinds of brick and mortar companies that you

Wendy Batten  5:45  
coach. So a lot of the clients that I have are, they were creatives? First, I worked with a lot of art galleries, I was a creative, I wanted to paint studio painting furniture and teaching paint workshops. I work with a lot of ceramic studio owners, I work with a lot of booksellers and chocolate tears, and I have a client who has a guitar shop, like just passion filled, heart centered, but gift shop and boutique and clothing and jewelry is also you know, passion filled as well. Probably not working as much with the people who are just selling the widgets, again, just moving product in and out moving it in and out. You know, I work with clients who have tiny little boutiques, tiny little footprints, but also who have multiple stores, I work with clients who have multiple stores, you know, antique dealers, or consignment shops, and it's just so fun. But what they all have in common is they want to serve their clients, they want to serve with serve well. They want to build teams, they want to have staff and teams, you know, that that are on board with the mission or, you know, really get, you know, really are in in alignment, I guess with what they do. And I think there's a whole missing a whole missing conversation. I don't know if that's the right word. But the about and again, the little guys the main street, you know, and I hate saying mom and pop shops, that's not you know, I don't know this, you know, sometimes it's mom and mom shop, I don't know, but you know, it's the little guys. That's who the little guys are. And they're the backbone of our economy. And I believe that to my core, that whole shop local that is it means a lot. There's, they're, they're doing the work, and they're working hard, and they're keeping the money in your communities. So I'm there. I'm their cheerleader and champion and supporter. That's what I do.

Christine Li  7:34  
I love it. I'm so glad I asked because the the chocolate tear and the gift shop that those people have my heart as well. Could you describe your own backstory, and how this became your, your current situation and the link between your own experience as an independent entrepreneur, and how you got to be at this point guiding other people in that process?

Wendy Batten  8:05  
Sometimes I find that question hard, like there's no direct line. And I say that find it hard. What I mean is I find it I kind of like laugh and you know, your viewers can't see. But I'm smiling because I think all of the combination of the things that we've done in our past bring us to where we are now. I believe that wholeheartedly. There's no you know, I didn't go to school to become a retail Coach. And this is what I'm doing. This is that's not my path. I was way back in the day I was brought up by my dad was a retail guru. So it's really funny. He was like, you know, so I've always had that customer experience. He was really big into innovation, retail marketing, but I had no design on that whatsoever. My husband and I have owned a service based industry for many years. 27 years, we owned a business. It was a cleaning business. So we were self employed for a long time. I opened my first business when my kids were small, my own, I guess I'd say like my first you know, woman owned business run all by myself as a coffee shop. I opened a coffee shop many years ago, and then sold that to a client so that I could go help my husband because his business was growing. And what I was doing was payroll and invoicing and all that unsexy stuff that's unnecessary. But as we grew his business and as I grew my family, I had kids then they were young and things were chugging along. But what happened was my daughter told me one day that I needed a hobby other than her. So you know, and she was right, just as totally right. I think she was about 15 or 16. So I was painting furniture and DIY in my house. That was my creative outlet and, you know, nesting I guess I just I loved it. And I started blogging about that and my business my first business was called front porch mercantile, which is kind of funny because it was called front porch mercantile because I was selling painted furniture off my big front porch. We had a big beautiful home big front porch. And I was blogging about life DIY thing. And the whole the the fat story thing is like to say is that little painting, hobby took me to blogging conferences where I met brands that sold pain and we didn't have the brands where I lived. So you know, some of the main players in the painted furniture industry, this is back in the day when people were just getting into painted furniture, by the way, convinced me i should i You should sell our paints. All right. I know nothing about retail, but I have an entrepreneurial mind. And again, you know, it's a long story. But I ended up opening my studio and teaching people to pain and selling pain, not knowing what I was doing didn't notice doing. And it was really popular. It was really fun. And it was a lot of work. And I just didn't know what I didn't know about retail on that. And even though I'd had my coffee shop, even though I'd had my other business, it was a lot of work. And I was so popular and it was so good. And then the brands started asking me to work for them. Because I was doing really well selling paint and teaching and all of the things and it was wonderful success on the front side. But the back end of me was tired and stressed out and missing very important things with my kids and moms hobby that my daughter recommended I get outta control. It was so nuts. So. So I started piecemealing coaches together to help me, you know, what the heck is a strategic plan, people kept saying to me, you need a marketing plan, you need a strategic plan, you need to take time off well, great, but you know, and again, fast forwarding through that, I did turn my business around as around as in time management and understanding what I needed to do to make it work hiring more people and making it a success. And the brand's all noticed and my friends all started noticing and my friend, my painting friend, people, my you know, and people were just, you know, like, teach me teach me. And so I started working for a lot of people doing a lot of things, and it started getting out of hand again. So I started. And I think that's when I met you, Christine was when I was dabbling in how can I serve multiple people? You know, how can I help people on that side of my business and help them in, you know, not just one to one, and here and there and piecemealing? And how can I make this part of my business model. And I loved it so much. I felt like that was the piece that the painting and the teaching painting, I was teaching painting classes at the time as well. I love that side of my business so much. I'm kind of a people person. And I feel like all of that led me to actually be the teacher that I am now or the coach or mentor. I'm still not sure I don't know what to call myself. I like to help people. And I ended up franchising my business, selling it to my best best friend, she took over the running of the day to day of the retail business. And I sold everything I owned, ran away from home and now I'm a full time coach. How's that? So I ended up getting here, but I I love it that all happened over you know, a little while a bit full time coaching and absolutely loving it since 2017. Now,

Christine Li  13:32  
beautiful, thank you for telling me for telling me the whole story and sharing it with our audience. And I kept thinking as I was listening to your story, that the things that roll off your tongue as well. And that happened and then that happened all involved you taking a risk of some kind, whether it was a risk with your time, a risk with your energy, your business, your existing business, and even just your energetic space. Can you talk about your own relationship and your own philosophies about how to take risk, how to assess what is a good risk to take, how to not be afraid of risk?

Wendy Batten  14:12  
Risk is hard. It's in it's hard to quantify I don't have a philosophy around it other than and I say that because that sounds like everything happens with a plan. Nothing happened to me or for me by planning it, but it doesn't plan but it doesn't happen by accident. I guess there's a there's a ying and yang there as far as dreaming, I'm a dreamer. And I'm, you know, I'm a dreamer. And I'm like, well, what could that look like? What could that look like? And I asked myself that question a lot. My husband and I have done that for years. You know, I feel like you get to an edge that's uncomfortable. I knew my retail store was really busy like at one point, while even backing up and in opening the retail store, you know, it was kind of all done. Not with a plan. It was like, well, what could that look like? Well, you know, my friend had a space and it was a lot like a low rate. I'm not a big risk taker, despite doing all of this stuff. I'm not I'm there's things I won't risk, I won't risk. My five minute family's financial security, I, you know, invest in stuff that I was willing to, like, you know, take out, you know, to take a loss on just like, the stock market, I guess I'm the stock market of risk takers, I guess. But in energy. What does that look like, for my family is a big thing. You know, I asked myself, What does that look like for my family? And standing on that edge and looking around and saying, you know, is this worth the jump? Is this worth taking the next step? And, you know, that's what I think you have to ask yourself, and you have to I call it the funnel? I put it through my funnel, you know, of, you know, what, again, what does that look like? And I guess that's really not a great philosophy and vision. And I wish I had some really great answer for you on how you do it. But I think the thing you have to do is do it scared, nothing, nothing I have done has been easy. It's not an easy path. And the benefits, you know, don't always aren't always obvious. And I think we're, we go through this life one time. And if you're not that I was unhappy at any stage, again, we had a big beautiful home, I was mentioning the big front porch and two acres, we have this lovely life and all of these things at one point in time, and we decided to sell it all run away and live in our little, we have this crooked little cottage that's got mice running up the walls, and it's like, you know, but it gave us joy to be here. It's by the ocean. And you know, so we don't always follow the rules of what everybody else thinks we should do. And I think that's something that people should ask themselves. And that's something we ask ourselves a lot, like, are we doing this because this is what maybe society or our family or people or our coaches or whatever said that we should do? Or what do we want to do? And every time we would leave this little crazy little crooked cottage we live in, and it's still crazy and still crooked, although we have the mice under control. We, you know, why are we doing like, why are we thinking we can't do it? And, you know, and why not? Us? Why not? Us? You know, why can't we do this? And, you know, we've traveled the world. And it's not something we're not like big fancy people, just FYI. But we've had opportunities come up because we're open to them. We've had, you know, we've been invited, I've been invited to teach in Italy and France. And you know, we've been to New Zealand and it's incredible what opens up when you put yourself out there? Did I cry a lot? Uh huh. Like, I regularly tell people like, you know, we we actually sold this sold or I see it's our it was our dream home, like where we lived before was our we thought was our forever home. And then I don't know, we just, you know, we started changing and evolving. And then I realized, like, I can coach from this little crooked cottage and my husband had a big his big business. And I'm like, You know what, your staff could run this. And we could like, we could do this and be like, what, like, that's crazy pants. You know, we can't do that. But the day before our house was supposed to sell or we had to like, whatever, there's a like a line in the sand of the house agreement. We almost backed out. We're like, what are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing? So yeah, we were, you know, it's not like, oh, this will be easy peasy. And I don't think anything that's worse, joy, and anything that's worth your passion and anything that's worth lighting you up, again, we go through this life, you know, once is is worth taking a little risk. So we do it scared, I guess my philosophy is just do it scared. But ask yourself the question, you know, what could that look like? And it's fun.

Christine Li  19:02  
I knew you had a philosophy

Wendy Batten  19:06  
or philosophy or just a crazy pants thing that we did?

Christine Li  19:09  
No, no, I think I think that's a beautiful philosophy. And my take away one of the takeaways that I have is that your vision has to be front and center. And you need to be revisiting the vision periodically maybe frequently to keep yourself in balance because there are tears and there are risks. And there are doubters and sometimes the doubters are within you or your partner. But that the I also agree that the rewards can be so beautiful and not anticipate double. We can't really know how the new thing is going to look feel operate, sound or fly with our audience, our customers anyone And, but we know somewhere inside of ourselves that we are okay with inviting change in again. So this may be just something that we all do, right. And entrepreneurs just make it a career, of doing of doing the risk and the reward, the risk and the reward. And it is not an easy thing. And it's great to have a coach like Wendy, on your side, someone who has done so many different things has thought through the process, and also has that entrepreneurial genetic material knows how to run a business, as well. Could you talk about how you work with clients? And what are your typical go to strategies? If if you have some I know in watching you on Instagram and social media that you are big on consistently connecting with your goals and your you know, what's happening. So kind of revisiting what is the CEO need to do? Can you describe that? And some other things?

Wendy Batten  21:07  
I do I do a lot of things with a lot of people in that. That's like, I don't know, what does it look like? I don't, sometimes I wonder. But I do believe so first of all, I like goals, but not goals that can't be moved. I think goalposts can move. I mean, if the last couple years have not taught us anything, I do know I do feel like you can't wing it, that's a thing that I tell people who you know, an action, an action forward, even if it's a little tiny baby step, even if it's just like googling one little thing that you've been wondering about or who or what you know, is an action towards something for you. And I'm a big believer in that. And I know like, you know, you and I've talked about that before and, and having the confidence, I think, is what I like to teach people to step into their role of CEO. And and by that, I guess, let me back up. And when I say being the CEO of your business, it's taking ownership of all of the parts of your business, I think maybe that and that includes your self care that we don't talk about, that includes looking at your numbers that you don't want to look at, that includes showing up even on the days you don't want, you know, all of that it's all of the things understanding that you're the biggest asset in your business, if you're self employed, and that's a big one for us understanding to get help, because there is nobody I have yet and I would love for any of your listeners to send me an email and tell me if they know of any successful business that doesn't have help. Like everybody has helped, but yet we tight fist our, you know, our, our need to ask for help. So I help people I feel my biggest strength my superpower, if you will, is helping people understand, you know, the big picture maybe and how they could evolve the the forest for the trees, like you know, we're more in it, we can always see it. So I love helping people see the bigger picture. So yes, I teach, you know, in my groups, I teach that strategy, you know, marketing strategy and but even that I am a big believer that every there's no formula for Christine success and Wendy's success. And you know, Suzy success, there's just no, there's no, here's the checklist, do these 18 things, and you will be you know, successful at whatever it is that doesn't happen. There are things that are common and things that maybe you know, and we all have strengths and weaknesses like I might be, it doesn't bother me at all to turn the camera on and jump on Facebook Live and talk to my people, but I have clients who that's just, you know, hard for them. Maybe looking at your numbers as hard. So everybody has things, right, we all have things. And there are things for foundational things, and you know, this and we and it's the same for any business. And having the confidence to step in to ask for help having the confidence to be a boss, that's a big thing for a lot of people, I help people through that as well, too. So just stepping into your role of CEO and understanding that part of that CEO role. And it doesn't mean the C suite, you know, I'm not talking stuffy, you know, go get 10. Tesla's or, you know, go to the moon or whatever I you know, and if that's what you want to do, that's cool, too. Because again, crazy pant ideas. Fine. But having somebody to help you, you know, reframe that. That's what I like to do with my clients and understand how to get to whatever that goal is. That's my superpower. And I work with clients in group sessions. And you know, I work with them in one to one and it's fun.

Christine Li  24:40  
Yeah, beautiful. I thought in the middle there when you were saying, you know, every every successful company has help. And I thought recently I read somewhere that whole statement, you know, pick yourself up by your bootstraps that's been transformed. For the IRS to mean like, just help yourself over the hurdle. But the original phrase was meant to say like this is impossible, because you can't actually lift yourself up by your bootstraps, apparently. So I just thought I would share that piece that I'm going to back up what Wendy said that, really there is help around you, whether it's in your business or in your personal life or in your relational life. And there are times when we will be so much better served, when we have helped when we know that there's help, and we know we can access the help. So I just wanted to double emphasize that, thank you.

Wendy Batten  25:37  
Yeah, so I feel like people get tied up in where to get help and how to get help. And, you know, my original help came from, okay, this was pre podcasts, because podcasts might have been around, but nobody was listening to them. But you know, my podcast, my pre help my help to step into my CEO role or to my power, if you will, like to feeling confident about being a business owner came from reading a magazine that actually it's, you know, in a roundabout way I am now, I've now been featured in which I'm like, amazed at but, you know, that's another story. But, you know, I started following blogs, and I started following business mentors, business books are out there, podcasts are out there. Now, you know, identify, no one's meant to do this alone. And also, to your point. Sometimes it means asking for help from the people at your kitchen table again, like, you know, I didn't for a long time. And then finally, I just like started crying one day. And you know, this is way back in the day. And I, you know, I said to my husband, I was trying to juggle all the balls as I was stepping into new roles. And he's like, Oh, I didn't know you needed help. And to me, it was like, obviously, I need you to pick up the dishes or the kids or whatever the thing was, but sometimes we just need to clarify that I know you speak to that a lot. Ask for the help you need from the people around you like from, you know, and I coach clients all the time to do that. And they go, oh, yeah, I'm gonna ask for help. Right. So. And of course, there are business mentors and coaches and courses and, you know, identify what you need. There's lots of lots of help around free and otherwise. Yeah.

Christine Li  27:13  
Yes. One last question is, how has your thoughtfulness about business and business processes, and your own journey affected you in terms of your personal life and how you live?

Wendy Batten  27:29  
That is such a good question. What a great question. Thank you for asking that. Yeah. So we try to design our business life around what we want from our personal life first, and that's not always easy, but how we want to live so you know, and I guess how that's affected that is, how many hours a week do I want to work? And, you know, where do I want to work? So I am now working from this crazy little cottage, and I talk to people all over the world. And I'm currently as you and I are speaking, watching boats Bob out in front of my house. So, you know, that's how my lifestyle has changed. Because I'm still doing what I love. I've been able to create a beautiful business and impact I feel like I do a lot of impact. I feel like I'm doing good things in the world. And I still have this boundary around what I want from life, you know, I'm trying to take vacation, you know, I make sure I take vacations. This is what I teach my clients. This is what this is what successful CEOs they take care of their heart and their health. I feel like there's several things in our life that we need to make sure we're managing. We all know this, but you know, it's your health and your mindset, your environment, your relationships, you know, we all know all these wedges that are really important and if any of them are drained or any of them aren't filled, I call it you know, it's the wheel of life. The Wheel of Life exercise is something that my husband and I do regularly he works full time for me now. I say with me but for me you know we've let his other business go this is our full time gig now we do the creative blog and we do he's a photographer so he has you know, so we we actually try to plan getaways regularly we actually still do strategic planning which sounds really fancy but really we we we try to go away and we go through this checkup this literal checkup this check in and we check in on all of those areas. So is Wendy like working too many hours and not getting out walking or going to the gym and not taking care of herself? Oh, we have to recheck that so I really do try to practice what I teach and check in with myself but it's you know we all have our I always say the pie wedges that are like getting drained. There's all areas that gets range right? There are seasons of House So I'm not I don't like that word. But there are seasons when it's busier. And there are seasons when you know, I want to spend more time away from work, and it's okay. We have to give ourselves permission to make sure that we're living a big bold life. Right? So we have, as I said, at the beginning, we have one go at this, you know, life. We're not spring chickens, either. So, my husband turned 60. This year, I'm 55 years old. And, you know, life is, you know, there's lots of fun things ahead. So why are we living in dreary part, so we're trying to run a lifestyle business, which gets a bum rap, sometimes that word. But I think it's important for us all, all of us, that are entrepreneurs or self employed or other, you know, not to let work be too much. So that's my thoughts on all of that, which I know is a lot. So I and I like to ramble about that. But there, you

Christine Li  30:54  
know, I love I love how you guys cooperate, how you share your time how you share your dreams, you're very open about this on social media and in life. And I think it's working. I think it's such a beautiful, it's such a beautiful journey that you are on, and thank you for the encouragement to me and to my audience about living it big, whatever it is to just really say, Okay, what could be what could I be doing next? How could I be feeling next? It's a wonderful model to live by and with. And there's so many other things I know, we can talk about, I want to not miss out on your podcast, can you talk about your podcast and how people can find that. And also, we have a download that people can come away from this episode with as well. So let's do both.

Wendy Batten  31:49  
Okay, so thank you for that opportunity. So I have the creative Shop Talk podcast, and we talk a lot of shop, shop, talk on the on the shop, talk podcast, and a lot about becoming and stepping into the CEO life as self employed, entrepreneurs, I guess, and the download that I'm going to that I can give your clients I actually have to I'm gonna and we didn't talk about this before. So here I'm throwing this at you, but the conversation went that way. So we have our I have a top 10 Things to consider to be a CEO, from an I sometimes say like, from a hobby mindset to stepping into the CEO. But that's not to take away from like, that's okay to have a hobby mindset, a hobby mindset, meaning like a creative, awesome, you know, mindset, but how to the 10 things that you really have to pay attention to, to step into that role in a good way as a CEO. So I'll have a list I have a document that will share with your with your listeners. And I also have another document, I will share the the way we do our wheel of life the way we do our date nights. Now I call them date nights, but they're not dated. But like the way we do like the document if anybody's you know, we can we can throw that link up there as well too, if you'd like, and how we do our check in I guess on all of the parts of our life. It's just a checklist. So I'll say I'll share that with you as well, too.

Christine Li  33:12  
Sounds great. And I'm going to give our listeners the link to go to get those downloads. It is make time for success. Again, it's make time for success. Wendy, thank you so much for being so generous with your time and your insights and reflections. You're amazing. This is what I wanted to add on Instagram, you will oftentimes see Wendy with a paintbrush I think, I think Wendy is someone who just like has painting in her bowl. I've always thought that either I haven't seen that in a while. But I've always enjoyed that, that, you know, she'll look at a piece of furniture and she'll see the new life that is possible for the furniture to so there really is the creative element of Wendy to when you get to know her. So thank you, Wendy for sharing all of this with us today.

Wendy Batten  34:03  
My pleasure. It's such a pleasure to be here. I love your podcasts. And I am very honored that you asked me to be on and join join you because I'm just a big fan of yours as well. So back at you!

Christine Li  34:14  
Thank you, Wendy. Thank you. And so to our listeners, here's to your success. Here's to your big vision. Go out and live that life. Thank you Wendy again. We will see you all next week on Thursday when the new podcast episode drops. If you liked this episode, please subscribe rate and review this podcast make time for success. I would so appreciate that. It helps us spread the word about the show. Thank you so much, everyone. Bye. 

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Wendy is the founder of the Retailer’s Inner Circle, host of the popular Creative Shop Talk podcast, offers programs and services to support heart centred business owners, and lights up when seeing her clients gain more confidence and profits. For fun, she also runs a creative lifestyle blog dedicated to living life on purpose.

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