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Zahra Cruzan

Zahra Cruzan is the founder and chief brand strategist at Brand Author, a premier branding firm in Texas that specializes in food and beverage and product branding. With over 15 years of brand and marketing experience, Zahra’s work has won international awards for content strategy, and she speaks at events across the country on how to transform your business into a brand. When asked about her passion for her work, Zahra says, “The best part of my day is the unexpected byproduct of the work we do. Our intention when we began Brand Author was to help the world find and fall in love with impact-driven brands. In so doing, we find we also help reignite our client’s passion for their own brand – and that just makes my day.”

July 7, 2022

Essential Strategies for Creating More Sales and Impact in Your Busin…

My special guest, Zahra Cruzan, is a cross between a therapist type and a marketing whiz and she happens to make every conversati…

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