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Christine Li has so much wisdom to pass on about combating and understanding how and why we procrastinate. Her methods are both simple and wise and ignites motivation and self knowledge. Highly recommend if you suffer from the procrastination struggle.

Exactly what I needed!

Christine is the perfect combo of tough love and warmth to stop procrastinating, lower levels of anxiety and more importantly make this busy life of mine much more fun, light & easy! I can’t get enough!

What a fantastic podcast!

Dr. Christine Li, the Procrastination Coach does it again! No matter what she creates, partaking in it automatically makes the participant feel lighter, more joyful and full of positive emotion. This podcast is no exception. Christine’s knowledge, authenticity and generosity are front and center. If you’re looking for tips and strategies to get things done while still having fun, you’ve come to the right place.

Awesome Podcast!

I’ve been following Dr. Christine Li on Facebook for about six months. I was so excited to hear she was launching a podcast. I just finished listening to her first four episodes. I’ve learned so much already! Her podcast is full of great tips on life skills along with some very unique guests on various subjects. Highly recommend subscribing to her brand new podcast! Love it!

So many gems

Dr. Christine Li always shares gems that remind me how to keep going and to remember to have fun while doing it. So excited she now has a podcast so I can learn more from her (and her guests!)


I’m looking forward to beating procrastination and achieve my dreams with the guidance of the talented Christine Li and her fun and informative podcast and guests.

Actionable and relatable

This podcast is GREAT, and I love how Dr. Christine is so calming and makes it all seem so simple. I feel like I can see myself in her personal stories, which means I can stop procrastinating too!

Great information!!

Dr. Li grasps all those feelings I have when I procrastinate. She comes from a place of having been there; so she knows the struggles and can relate. So glad she is sharing her knowledge so I can feel empowered!!!

Inspiring, thoughtful, and practical solutions!

FINALLY!!! Thank you Dr. Christine for filling in the gap my playlist… I have been searching for an inspirational professional to coach me in the areas of time management and positive mindset. I enjoyed all of the episodes on my walk today! Eager to learn more from you and your incredible guests!

Thank you

I am so happy that I can have enjoy your wisdom and encouragement on a podcast now. Thank you!

I love this podcast!!!

Christine has so much wisdom to share with the world and the guests she brings to table are awesome. The information will help you feel like those ideas and dreams in the back of your head are totally possible and this podcast always leaves me inspired! ✨

Wisdom | Humor | Practicality

Christine has wisdom, humor and practicality. The podcast is welcome and listens like enthusiastic good advice from an old friend!

Make time for success is amazing!

Dr Christine Li is calm and concise. Her voice is clear and nurturing. I love how she makes me feel I can reach my goals! I’m so excited to listen to all the episodes!


This podcast goes deeeeep. Christine’s guidance helped explain some of my own behavior that was previously confusing to me. After reflecting on the issues discussed in the podcast, I feel empowered to change ingrained habits in a way I never thought was possible before.


She’s so smart, thoughtful on how she teaches the world! Love it!

Another pandemic win; the Make Time for Success podcast

As with everything Christine touches, this podcast is and will be gold. The “gold standard” for clearing out the “clutter” and the obstacles that we allow to get in our way. She paints a crisp, clear and accessible picture of what is possible for us and inspires us to find our individual way to where we need and want to be. Like the book, which left me eager to learn more, the podcast has me looking forward to the next episode!

Amazing podcast!

Love this podcast! The host is engaging and love the content. A must listen. Can’t wait for future episodes.

Wow! So excited to learn from Christine.

Christine is known for her expertise, so I feel lucky to get to learn from her podcast each week. Ready to overcome the fears that hold you back? Count on Christine to help with that!

Thank you Dr. Li!

Make Time For Success is exactly what I needed to hear! How is it that I have more time at home but it seems like less time to do the things I really need to do to move my business forward!? I met Christine at an event in 2019 and her magnetic energy was so refreshing and inspiring! I’m so happy she’s sharing her energy and insights here in her new podcast. Thank you so much keep the episodes coming ✨✨✨✨

A must listen!

Dr. Christine Li is an expert on the subject of procrastination. Her methods have helped me to hold myself accountable, to challenge myself and to learn how to effectively manage stress and fear! I particularly liked her “SMACK” solution for procrastination recovery in episode 2. If you have trouble focusing or starting/finishing tasks, I’d highly recommend listening to this podcast!

Amazing on so many levels

The expertise and knowledge that Christine and her guests share are invaluable! Love this and can’t wait for future episodes!

Actionable and heartfelt podcast!

Christine shares her wisdom through heartfelt stories. This podcast is so easy to listen, at the end of the episodes she has a summary or exercise that helps you understand on to the big picture and hang on to the concepts. We all procrastinate in something, this podcast has actionable steps to move forward.

Want to stop procrastinating? Hit subscribe!

Dr. Christine Li is a wealth of wisdom. She understands what it’s like to be in the throes of procrastination and loss of motivation. She takes a keen interest in helping you develop the tools and skillset you need to stop procrastinating and make time for success. This is a show worth making time for. You won’t regret subscribing!

Exceptional podcast!

Thank you so much for who you are and what you share! Your great information is just what I need to be a better action-taker. Each new podcast brings more certainty into my life...I CAN’T WAIT for more episodes!

Dr. Li is a gem

I found Dr. Christine Li through another podcast and I'm so hapy I found her. Not only is she incredibly smart and full of empathy and hope but she delivers advice in a way that is easy to take in.

Dance n funk

Christine is uplifting and inspiring

Dr Li is a genius!

This podcast is a breath of fresh air! As an entrepreneur with ADHD, her strategies are invaluable and this podcast has been so helpful!

Quality Time

These interviews are causing me to reflect and to stay focused on what is most important in my own journey. Thank you Dr Christine 🙏

A delight

Christine brings the perfect blend of warmth, experience, insight, and smart questions to her interviews, making for interesting and engaging conversations.


Christine Li has a gift and I am thrilled to know I am get her wisdom anytime!