Ellie Parvin

Communication Expert & Educator

Ellie is a Communication Expert & Educator - University Professor, Host of Communication TV, Speaker, Author, Coach and course creator (Speak Live Online & Reduce Your Filler Words courses).

She helps growing entrepreneurs improve their communication skills using LIVE video so they can connect, persuade and move their audience to action, grow their business and improve their relationships!

Ellie’s passion for communication led her to launch EllieParvin.com, helping entrepreneurs practice and cultivate communication skills and techniques to improve their lives for optimum success and get what they want.

In addition, she is a member of the National Financial Education Council’s (NFEC) Personal Finance Speakers Association, Forbes School of Business Women Leaders, and Educator for Forbes School of Business and Technology platform at University of Arizona Global Campus, and writer/contributor to various business leadership, educational and growth platforms.

May 13, 2021

Overcome Your Fear of Speaking to Become a Confident Communicator wit…

Our words have power; the way we speak and act are tools for getting the things we want and creating impact. But why do so many o…

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