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Adrienne Glasser

Experiential Psychotherapist/Meditation Teacher/Advisor

Adrienne Glasser LCSW, RDMT (she/her) is the co-founder of IFSLA - Internal Family Systems Therapy Los Angeles, an experiential psychotherapist certified in IFS, somatic dance movement therapist, healer, meditation teacher and advisor on compassionate addiction and trauma treatment. She currently runs an online community focused on experiential & somatic IFS techniques and meditations for therapists and to support those in on-going recovery for traumatized, addicted, or “codependent” parts. She serves as the Executive Advisor to Breathe Life Healing Centers where she runs experiential groups and advises on compassionate and contemplative treatment of addictions and trauma using IFS. She has studied Buddhist psychology for 20 years and enjoys connecting these teachings with IFS.

Jan. 13, 2022

Recovering Compassion for Yourself in the New Year with Adrienne Glas…

There's always a spirit of change and self improvement in the air around the New Year. With the ringing out of the old and usheri…

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