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Dr. Angie Brown

Mom/Wife/Entrepreneur/Coach/Physical Therapist

Dr. Angie Brown, DPT is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, coach, and physical therapist that is the founder of the Real Life Runners Training Academy and Real Life Runners podcast that she hosts alongside her husband, Kevin Brown. She loves helping busy parents run consistently without injury so they can have more energy, be strong, healthy, and fit, and be an example of what’s possible. She holds her doctorate in physical therapy, specializing in runner-specific strength and conditioning, mobility, and injury prevention for runners and also holds a certification in nutrition to help her clients integrate healthy eating to complement their training and overall health goals. She has a passion for health, wellness, food, fitness and helping to educate people on the importance of healthy lifestyle changes, in order to live an active, vibrant life, both now and as we get older.

June 2, 2022

Here's the Ultimate Guide to Making Healthier Lifestyle Choices with …

Imagine changing the patterns of your daily life so you know in your heart of hearts that you were doing everything you could to …

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